Sunday, November 17, 2013

Day ???: Oh. I forgot about this.

Um, hi all.

Suffice to say, I haven't posted on or checked this blog in nearly two years. The only reason I come on here now is that I started noticing that quite a few other blogs about fox owners have sprung up, and a checking their link list, I found myself on the link list. I figured it was a fluke the first time and didn't think much of it, but after the third time I thought, "Yeah, I should probably go update that."

I did not expect it to amass 6.5k+ viewers or even 12 followers in that time frame, which is pretty impressive considering I haven't posted much of anything.

First of all, thanks for that, especially for you people with blogs who have featured me.

Second of all, to answer the question, "do you still have Miehiera?"

That I do. It seems I never really posted any pictures of her once she was full grown, but here are some pictures for you.

What's been going on since that last post, well, errrr, I was featured in The Pet Fox's blog here explaining the many trials and tribulations of a teenager having a fox:

as the result of a post I made on Sybil's Den in response to someone wondering if they should get a fox at the age of 13, to which I responded with a very stern 'no' unless your circumstances are absolutely  not like mine. Give the post a read if you're in that situation or know someone else in the same predicament.

Miehiera is still alive and well, ever the vocalist:

While that may sound fairly distressed, that's her happy screech. I never got good video of Miehiera myself, but this pretty much what it looked like:

As for myself, well, in the time frame from the last post, I'm currently 16, finished up my associate's degree, and highschool, and am currently bumming around trying to figure out what to do next with my life.
I'm currently working on my artwork (shameless plug:

I suppose that's all for now, just basically a confirmation that I know that this exists. 

Oh yeah, that email in the sidebar doesn't even exist, haha. I must have put it there, intended to make it, and then forgot. Sorry about everyone who ever tried to contact me.

Um, the best I can do now is to say that I'll try to update this weekly from now on. 
Just as a note to myself as to what I can post about:
  • Arctic Fox color morphs and variations (I got a nifty fox fur color book and know of a few places that have pictures)
  • Arctic fox/red fox hybrids and what little I know about them
  • Caloric and nutritional needs of arctic foxes (specifically arctic foxes!)
  • Expanded vocalizations
  • Corralling an escaped fox
  • Miehiera, of course.
Hopefully I'll go ahead and make a new post tomorrow, starting with vocalizations.

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