Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 114: All Settled In

114 days?! Can you believe I had to go back and count from July 15 to remember how long it's been?

Miehiera is doing great, I lost my camera for awhile and found it again. 
There's really nothing too eventful to say, other than she is doing great and getting more white, cute and affectionate with each passing day.

This morning when I went out to feed Miehiera, she did her usual scream-wag-tail-give-kisses-mouth-beg-for-attention routine. I started to pet her before she would full out shriek bloody murder, but my mom's dog, Jack, strangely copied her! He started making this noise as close as possible to hers, a noise I've never heard him make before. He rolled over on his back and continued making the noise, copying Miehiera as I gave her belly rubs. Jack has learned how Miehiera gets attention, he wanted to see if he could do the same thing!

I took tons of pictures today, and I might just add a video later.

(dates are slightly incorrect on the pictures)

(PS- Happy Guy Fawkes Day!)

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