Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day -1: She's Almost Home!

Tomorrow I will be picking up Miehiera in the evening! I. Can't. WAIT!

I have everything ready to go - her crate, of course, her harness, her leash, yesterday I got her bottle and today I got her formula in the mail from Fox Valley Nutrition! This formula is specially made for foxes, so there is no concern about low taurine content (in the case of puppy formula) or it being too rich (what some people have said about kitten formula).

I am very happy with the service I received. I ordered the formula Tuesday night, with the order being confirmed yesterday, and it arrived today! I am ecstatic, as I was concerned it would not arrive on time and I'd have to get a bit from my breeder until it arrived. 
For anyone getting a fox kit or nursing one, I would highly recommend Fox Valley Nutrition. Their service is great and their products are fantastic. I will be writing them a letter personally letting them know that I am so grateful for their quick and easy service.

Their website:

The page for the fox formula:

Even though Miehiera is old enough to be on a solid diet, bottle feeding is great for bonding her to me. I would recommend it especially if you are going to have an older kit. For older kits you can 'starve' them onto the bottle, which is not as cruel as it sounds. Even if they are on a solid diet it helps ensure you bond to them, which is especially important in the case of foxes as they are not as fully domesticated as a cat or dog.

It even seems to work with domesticated animals though, as I had bottle fed my kitten because she and her litter mates were orphaned. Four years later, she is a spoiled rotten lap-cat. That may just be her personality, but her brother, who was also very skittish as a kitten, loves attention as well. Maybe a coincidence, maybe not. :P

(Also, a sidenote: The formula smells like vanilla!
 I did a blind smell test with my brother and he agreed. It smells way better than kitten formula, which smells like grits. It's funny considering there is no vanilla from what I can tell in it.)

Here are some pictures of Miehiera that I was sent by my breeder, Dave:

(Is it normal that I went running through the house screaming when I saw these...?)

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